hello my name is GekkeHenkie
i have a passion and i really like it why? i'm saying later in this story but first the beginning.. i really like to spent time with my friends than i do things like going to a movie or just hanging out go somewhere to eat or helping them with there problems. i like to spent time with them because i can forget everything about school most of the time and we are making nice memories to remember its just nice to spent time but also to help them when i help them and its works i like the feeling because if they happy im happy too. and its just a nice feeling to help someone literally your friends i want that they feel good so i can. i dont know how to advice you but i'm gonna try it.. if your with them just put your Phone somewhere i the corner of the room just show your friends your 100% interested in them and if they in trouble let them know you be there for them when they need it the most. so they can just let it go and tell you everything in trust. i'm sure tehy will be feel a little better then.